Robert Bruce Scott and Joel Conner

Emmy-nominated musician and writer Joel Conner. Robert Bruce Scott, leader of the acclaimed popular quartet il Troubadore. Put them together and the result is uptempo, unique original Musical Entertainment! A perfect duo for a fun, memorable performance at your venue or event!

Robert Bruce Scott

Classically trained tenor Robert Bruce Scott studied voice at Cameron University, graduating in 1985. An Oklahoma phenom, Robert’s act Three Trees toured extensively and released two cds. Moving to Indiana, he formed the acclaimed classical quartet il Troubadore, presenting everything from world music to metal on classical instruments. With a solid schedule of solo shows, tours and GenCon Robert Bruce Scott is a tireless, energetic performer who “fills the stage with his presence.” (Nuvo review)

“Being professional and entertaining is the only way to bring people into your music.” Robert Bruce Scott, GenCon 2018

Joel Conner

“A fixture on the Indy circuit…Townsend meets Clapton!” said Nuvo. “Fantastic! Chuck Berry!” said the Indy Star review of Joel’s “Winter’s Blast” (regional Emmy nominee “Rockin’ Hoosier Holiday”  WTTV, 1998). Joel has founded Indy bands Undercover and Rock Doll, led the Mayor’s/United Way 9/11 Circle Concerts (2008-09), and given a decade of Indianapolis Artsgarden shows (Eagles, Woodstock, Guardians of the Galaxy, etc.), For over 30 years, Joel Conner has been one of Indy’s best entertainers.

“I love playing live! There’s nothing like making so many people happy!”  Joel Conner, Radio Radio, CD Release

Joel and Robert have performed Simon & Garfunkel’s music statewide to standing room only crowds, an unrivaled Originals show, and both a Vegas “Rat Pack” show of Jazz Standards and an Eagles show (with additional musicians accompanying) for the Indianapolis Artsgarden.

With over 75 years combined entertaining experience, Robert and Joel continue to put on consistent, quality, well-reviewed shows of time-tested classics or originals, whatever your venue requests, garnered from their continually updated playlist of over 1,000 songs.

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